Pump Pen Drawing Kit

Welcome to our Pump Pen drawing kit. Our kit provides one Manga G Pump Pen, three nibs, and an overfeed in one package you can use to get started with your pen drawing.

You can see which nibs you like best for various strokes. You can use the overfeed to see if it provides the extra thick strokes and wide line variation that artists look for. 

Our kit provides:

  • Complete Pump Pen
  • Zebra Manga G nib
  • Ackerman Sketch nib
  • Ackerman Sketch nib stub
  • Overfeed
  • Spacer
  • Lapping paper 1 micron, 2 pieces

That's all you need to get started drawing with a variety of nibs and an overfeed to experiment with. 

Use the 1 micron lapping paper to keep the tips of your nib smooth. Read Smoothing Sketch and Music nibs if you haven't smoothed (or polished) nibs.

When ordered individually, the items total over $65, but this kit saves you $20. 

Other nibs you can use in this pen

You can use Brause Rose and Brause Bandzug nibs in this pen. 


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