Hawk Quill Fountain Pen

If you enjoy drawing with a hawk quill nib, you will love this pen. It contains one Hunt 107 Hawk quill and feeds ink to the nib automatically. No more dipping, just pure drawing. 

Many artists enjoy the Hawk quill nib because it is a larger version of the crowquill. Both nibs are extremely flexible and provide a wide range of line variation, however, the hawk quill provides a stronger line, and the nib is more durable. 

You can remove the hawk quill to replace or clean it. Just pull out old nib and press on the new nib. Make sure you line up the hole in the feed with the hole in the hawk quill as described in Adjusting the in flow in your Ackerman quill pen.  Be sure to read our article Preparing dip nibs for use in our pens

Note: If you want to get the maximum performance from your crowquill nib, we recommend you use the Hawkquill Pump Pen. The ink must flow through the small air hole in the crowquill nib, and thicker inks and paints might not flow fast enough without pumping. 

Using other nibs in this pen

You can use any crowquill or hawk quill nib in this Fountain Pen, including those made by Hunt, Gillott, Deleter and Brause. We could call this pen our "Quill Fountain Pen", but most people search for our pens using specific nib names. 


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