Crowquill Pump Pen

If you enjoy drawing with a crowquill nib, this is the pen for you. This Pump Pen contains a crowquill nib (Hunt 102) and feeds ink to the nib automatically. 

Many artists enjoy the crowquill nib because it is very flexible yet and provides a wide range of line widths.

You can remove the nib to replace or clean it. Just pull out old nib and stick in the new nib. You can use any crowquill or hawk quill nib in this pen including those made by Hunt, Gillott, Deleter and Brause. We could call this our "Quill Pump Pen", but most people search for our pens using a specific nib name. 

Be sure to read Adjusting the flow in your Ackerman quill pen.

You can add five Hunt 102 crowquills to your order. 

Using other nibs in this pen

You can use most crowquills and Hawk quill nibs in this pen. This includes those made by Hunt, Deleter, as well as other companies. 


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