Gillott 303 Pump Pen (Gen 7)

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Gillott 303 Pump Pen (Gen 7)

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This Pump Pen comes complete with the Gillott 303 section. That's all you need to get started drawing or writing with the Gillott 303 nib.

The Gillott 303 nib is popular with artists and illustrators for its fine line and flexible tip, which responds easily to your hand movements and gives a wide variation in line width. This nib our most popular nib. It has been used for almost 150 years. If the nib crusts up, you can take it out and clean the nib, then re-insert it for continued use. If you snap the nib, you can replace it with a new Gillott 303 nib.

Compatibility: The section for the Gillott 303 nib accommodates the Gillott 170 nib as well as the Gillott 404. For more information, see our Nib Compatibility Chart.

You can remove the nib to clean it or replace it.

Gravity flow works all of the time, but when you want a stronger flow, press the pump - you get what you press, from a drop to a gush. Perfect for inking in large areas.

Use any ink or paint - if it flows, it will work in the Pump Pen. India ink, acrylic paint, gouache and watercolor - they all work. And nothing sticks. The pen body is made from a plastic to which nothing sticks. You can flush the pen with warm tap water. If ink or paint does dry out in the pen, you can scrape it away easily.

The large reservoir lets you work away from your bottle of ink and not worry about running out. You can order extra reservoirs with caps to carry replacement ink or paint.

Easy to clean, hard to plug up, and fun to use, the Pump Pen is ideal for anyone who draws, sketches, paints and letter using fine hand control.